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HansenRE, Your On Demand Marketing Partner


Hansen Renewable Energy Marketing (HansenRE) specializes in marketing for solar and renewable energy companies. We provide on demand marketing services to help renewable energy companies build their brands and grow their businesses in the U.S. and Latin America. Our experienced team offers marketing services that include creative, public relations, events, advertising, content creation, websites, sponsorships, and graphic and digital production. We research, plan, write, create, design, produce, manage, track and report. In other words, we can provide the expertise and support, to rapidly support your marketing efforts.


We have a proven track record of success in creating and executing marketing activities for top-tiered, global clients. We meet goals and, at times, win our clients awards. Combined, our team of marketing professionals have decades of marketing experience. In addition, our network of independent marketing specialists supply a reservoir of capabilities and expertise. HansenRE's agile business model can provide your company with high-quality marketing services at compelling rates.


HansenRE understands the landscape of the solar industry and the factors driving its market segment growth. Our full-service marketing firm brings your company the valuable resources of veteran solar industry knowledge and highly-skilled marketing expertise, all from one source.


To find out more, contact HansenRE Marketing at 1.925.997.5956.








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