Sustainability in Energy Generation


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HansenRE Marketing was founded by Jill Hansen in 2014. An accomplished marketing leader, Ms. Hansen has over 30 years of marketing experience working in media, IT, hospitality and the solar industry. She served as senior marketing leader in the Americas for several top-ranked, global solar component manufacturing companies.


She has been awarded the Hearst Marketing of Excellence Award for her media work, and MVP of the Year and Star Performance awards for her work in the IT industry. HansenRE has also helped customers win prestigious awards including Power Engineering Project of the Year, Intersolar North America Project of the Year and MIREC Innovation Awards. Dedicated to quality, hard work, creativity, and a never-ending student of marketing, Ms. Hansen has set the bar high for herself and her team. HansenRE is committed to delivering effective programs that help customers achieve their goals. 


The HansenRE team provides specialized solar industry knowledge and expertise to fast-track your company's marketing. Call 1-925-997-5956 or email us to discuss how we can help your company.

About HansenRE Marketing



We're committed to solar, renewable energy and sustainable energy consumption.


Our core team applies decades of marketing experience across industries as the foundational base of our marketing practice. The combination of our vast marketing experience and historical industry knowledge enables our team members to quickly grasp customers' challenges and better serve their needs. Companies do not need to parse out their marketing services to various agencies. HansenRE can provide creative and comprehensive marketing support with one point of contact.




Our Mission

Sustainable, clean energy can power our world with lower negative impact on the environment, reducing carbon emissions and slowing global warming. We’re supporting the growth of renewable energy companies that will enable options for businesses and people everywhere for clean energy. We’re here because we understand we are part of something pivotal in our history. We are a part of helping the world make a choice in the energy they consume. That sense of purpose adds meaning and fulfillment to the work we do. When our clients succeed, we have accomplished our mission.


We strive to produce great work. We're receptive to new ideas and are continuous students of our art. We're aware there is a little dash of the extraordinary in the makings of great things and that is worth the effort.
























National Network of On Demand Marketing Support


HansenRE has a national network of specialized marketing contractors who provide on demand marketing services. This enables clients to receive high quality marketing materials at highly competitive rates.

Maureen McHale

Based near Savannah, Georgia, Ms. McHale partners with HansenRE manning east coast operations. She is an experienced and creative marketing director who works in account management. She has over twenty years in solar and a well-rounded, general marketing  experience working in many vertical industries from travel to retail.

 An accomplished writer, her articles have appeared in North American Clean Energy and AltEnergy Magazine. Maureen is highly-skilled in content marketing, video content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO), social media, and public relations.

Ms. McHale also heads the web team who manage content creation, design, website production, SEO and other support services necessary to launch and manage websites.

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